Our Vision Statement

It is our vision to embrace our community with open arms, live reflectively of Christ and open doors to a world of opportunity.

Open Doors ~ Reflective Living ~ Doors of Opportunity

Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to live today for what tomorrow will bring.

Our Core Values

Biblical Integrity: Am I nurturing my faith in Christ through involvement in His word?

Our mission is to help others grow in their faith through Bible-based teaching. A disciple is one who follows Jesus and all that He commanded. The scriptures are divinely inspired that we may learn of His love for and His instructions to us. We seek to explore the issues of life and culture through Biblical truth. As Christians we are here to encourage and equip people from all walks of life that they too can encourage and equip others in the faith.

Genuine Community: Am I doing my part to foster an environment of growth in Christ?

We love people through a deepening sense of community. Community is developing relationships with others through fellowship, Bible study and small groups. A true sense of community allows us the opportunity of having a safe place to share our struggles, find support and encouragement and do life together with others of faith.

Meaningful Celebration: Am I pursuing a daily connection with God?

True worship is an essential part of the believer's life. Worship is not about the style of music that is played or the songs that are sung. Worship done right is about personal connection with our Father in heaven. Whether in the personal or corporate experience, our worship is of God, to God and for God.

Empowered Prayer: Have I devoted myself to pray for my church and community?

Prayer is our most effective means of communication with our Savior. Whether we are praying individually or corporately we believe it to bring us guidance, revelation, peace, healing and faith.

Living Generously: Am I living to share my blessings with others?

The Bible teaches us to give a tithe, or 10% of our income, back to God. In doing so, we trust God to provide for our needs, acknowledge that He owns all things. Whether it be through our tithes, or giving above and beyond when possible, we seek to meet the needs of others when possible.

Living Intentionally: Am I doing my part to point others to Christ?

Being people of faith through our profession of Christ as Savior, it is both our pleasure, and our purpose, to share Jesus with others. We strive to live for and serve Jesus locally, through daily interactions with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. We also look to share Jesus on a broader scale through on-going mission opportunities.